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What Should I Do After Rhinoplasty?

Usually the internal dressings stay in place for one to seven days after surgery. The surgeon may also tape a splint to the nose for protection and support.

This usually stays in place for about a week. After rhinoplasty, it is necessary to rest in bed in a position where the head is higher than the chest to reduce bleeding and swelling. The nose may become blocked due to swelling or because of the splints placed during surgery.

It is common for mucus and accumulated blood to continue to drain, as well as a slight bleeding for a few days after surgery or until after removing the dressing. To absorb this drainage, a small piece of gauze can be taped under the nose to act as an absorbent. This pad should not be tight.

To minimize the chance of bleeding and swelling, the surgeon will ask you to take various precautions for up to several weeks after surgery.

These include avoiding strenuous activities such as aerobics and running, taking a bath instead of an overhead shower with the bandage on the nose, blowing the nose, eating fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables to prevent constipation due to the risk of pressure on the surgical site while straining, avoiding excessive facial expressions such as smiling or laughing, brushing the teeth softly to move the upper lip less, and wearing clothes that open in front such as shirts.

In addition, glasses or sunglasses should not rest on the nose for at least four weeks after surgery. It is possible to tape the glasses to the forehead until the nose heals. Sunscreen with a factor of 30 should be used outdoors, especially on the nose. Too much sun during this period can cause permanent discoloration of the skin of the nose.

A temporary swelling or black-blue discoloration of the eyelids may occur for two to three weeks after rhinoplasty. Nasal swelling may take even longer to subside.

Avoiding sodium in the diet will help the swelling go down faster. Objects such as ice or ice packs should not be placed in the nose after surgery. It would be best to take a week off from work, school or similar obligations after the surgery.

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