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Privacy Policy

As https://, we undertake that we will not share the unauthorized information of our stakeholders who contribute to our site with third parties, that we do not host duplicate and unauthorized content on our site, and that the content of the site cannot be copied without permission. The articles and comments on our site reflect the personal opinions of their authors and do not have a legal meaning and the site owner cannot be held responsible for these articles and comments. Every guest who enters our site is deemed to have accepted these rules.

Since our company uses Google DoubleClick services and Facebook advertising services, services are provided in accordance with Google and Facebook’s advertising policies.

According to the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, which is still in force in our country; In order to process the personal data of the persons concerned, their explicit consent must first be obtained. However, if the personal data processing conditions listed in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law are present, there is no longer any need to obtain explicit consent.

In terms of our website, the relevant persons who are our visitors must also be informed.

We do not process the personal data of our visitors without obtaining their explicit consent (if necessary) after providing them with our disclosure text and before processing their personal data. Therefore, when you enter our website, we recommend that you first read our privacy notice.

Please take a look at our privacy notice and find out in which cases and how we need your explicit consent for the processing of your personal data. You should know that we can only start processing your personal data based on explicit consent as soon as you have given your explicit consent for us to process it, not as soon as you enter our website.

Users can opt out of Google’s ad targeting services by using “Google Ads Settings”.

Users can opt out of Facebook ad targeting services by using “Facebook Ads Settings”.

Users can opt out of cookies in their internet browsers by adjusting the settings of their browsers.

Users can opt out of cookies from many different companies through consumer choice tools.

This privacy policy may be updated without any notice to you. Therefore, it is recommended that you review this privacy policy periodically.

This privacy policy was updated on 29.07.2022.