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Penis Enlargement

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    The height and thickness of the male genitalia vary depending on different reasons. These reasons can mainly be summarized as genetic early stages, regional and racial factors, nutritional status in the womb and infancy. There is no information that nutrition in the post-infancy period has a significant effect on the lengthening or thickening of the penis. There is no evidence that dietary supplements, defined as natural therapy with penis pumps and similar mechanical means, such as this, also affect penis length or penis thickness. It is also impossible to change the penis size with any medical drug treatment, which is why penis enlargement surgery is one of the surgical solutions we face at this point.

    What is Penis Enlargement Surgery?

    A surgical procedure performed to increase penis length and/or penis thickness is called penis enlargement surgery. This application is a clinical application that is completely subject to medical protocols. The application performed by specialist physicians in a hospital or clinical setting, under surgical practice conditions, can be performed within the scope of different procedures depending on the patient’s requirements.
    Although penis enlargement surgery is a practice in which prostheses are used in some types, a common practice is to cut the tissues connecting the penis to the abdominal wall and allow the buried part to come out. In the penis thickening process, adipose tissue taken from another part of the body is injected into the penis tissue.
    For tissue losses due to micropenis and traumas, more complicated treatment methods may be involved. You should consult with a specialist physician and/or health organizations to get information about whether you are suitable for penis enlargement surgery.
    Penis length is a condition that has been made a problem by many people as a result of misinformation. Many men think that their penis is smaller than it should be, and this can have psychological consequences. Real and accurate information about this condition, which has a number of consequences, especially a lack of self-confidence, and can extend to the loss of sexual competence, can be obtained from physicians. Because penis length extension or thickening, including micropenis, are medical solutions and it is possible to overcome your problems with medical methods.
    One of the common mistakes of those who have needs such as penis length extension and penis thickening is tools and nutritional supplements, especially those ordered from the Internet. As we clearly stated above, a non-surgical solution that is effective on penis size has not yet entered the medical literature. There are drugs developed only for erectile dysfunction, that is, erectile dysfunction, which means that there is no case of permanently changing the penis length of these drugs. There is a situation in which the penis length increased by surgery is naturally larger during this erection period.
    In this regard, having penis enlargement surgery is a medical method that you may prefer. You should not receive information about your health problems from anyone other than doctors and should not use unapproved products. Just as these tools may not have any effect, there is also the possibility that some of them may cause serious health problems.

    How is Penis Enlargement Surgery Performed?

    Penis enlargement is a surgical operation that uses different techniques in the world. Although there are applications in which silicone prostheses are used, these applications are rare and can be used in special cases. Applications such as tissue transplantation are also very special applications.
    Penis enlargement surgery can be examined in two main groups.
    Penis Extension Surgery
    Penis Thickening Surgery
    While the penis enlargement procedure can generally be described as a surgical intervention, fat injection into the penis to thicken the penis is a simpler procedure.
    “How is penis extension surgery performed?” the question is a frequently asked question. Questions such as the difficulty and permanency of the surgery are naturally asked. Of course, the process after penis enlargement surgery is also included in the topics of widespread curiosity.
    Penis size extension surgery is a practice aimed at mechanically increasing the length of the penis. It can be summarized as not an application such as a penile prosthesis, but an application of cutting the suspender ligaments at the point where the penis is attached to the abdominal wall and removing the embedded part.
    The penis is an organ, part of the tissue of which remains under the abdominal wall. Instead of the penis tissue remaining under the hard cartilage structure here being dysfunctional, it is possible to increase the penis length by extending the ligaments a little. In this case, just as there is no loss of function, it is defined as an application that provides benefits, since the functionality of the genitalia will increase.
    The length of the embedded penile socket varies from person to person. Just like with the penis length, the length of the extra tissue to be obtained during penis extension surgery also varies according to the factors we mentioned above. However, despite everything, it is not expected that this texture will be too much. As a result of penis extension surgery, it will be possible to achieve an elongation result of a few centimeters, not marginal differences.
    Penis thickening surgery, on the other hand, is an operation performed to bring the genitals, which are thin in structure, to a thickness where they can have a productive sexual relationship. In this operation, fat injection is made into the penile tissue to thicken the penis, including its non-hardened form. The injected fat is taken from the person’s own adipose tissues and there is no extra prosthesis situation.

    What are the Risks of Penis Enlargement Surgery?

    Although the specific risks of penis enlargement surgery are very unlikely, the risks of anesthesiology, hematoma, infection and nerve-related risks that exist in all surgeries are also present in these operations. In applications performed under the right conditions and performed by specialists, an acceptable level of risk applies, and these risks are not major risks within the scope of medical protocols.
    After the operation, of course, there will be a healing process and it will be possible for the patient to feel a burn for a while. In this process, these symptoms will be reduced by supporting the patient with dressing and pain-relieving medications for their pain.
    The Healing Process After Penis Enlargement Surgery
    Penis enlargement surgery is an operation that takes about 2 to 3 hours, even if penis lengthening and penis thickening procedures are performed together. In addition to the fact that it is possible to perform the procedure under general anesthesia, spinal, that is, numbing the body from the waist down, may also be applied. Since spinal anesthesia is usually preferred, the risks of anesthesia are low and the patient’s recovery time is shorter.
    After the patient is discharged from the hospital after penis enlargement surgery, he should be extremely careful for a period of one month. During this time, he should avoid sports activities and, of course, sexual activities that will affect the groin area. After the doctor’s control process, with the approval of the doctor, a complete return to normal life is possible after this one-month period, so that the patient can already return to his daily life after discharge, except for the details we mentioned.