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Jowl Liposuction

Aesthetic Surgery

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    Fat deposits under the chin cause unpleasant images regardless of whether it is a man or a woman. Jowl liposuction operation is a procedure applied as a result of sagging skin and fat as a result of fat deposits.

    Jowl liposuction application takes place according to the person’s request. It is applied to obtain an aesthetic appearance. This procedure, especially performed by women, is used in plastic surgery.

    Jowl liposuction application is performed to eliminate deformations and sagging in the face area due to irregular lubrication. It is possible to eliminate these negativities with make-up. But this process is temporary. Aesthetic and plastic surgery method offers a permanent and long-lasting beauty.

    The elastic and collagen fibers in the skin structure provide the skin to be taut and flexible. As age progresses, the collagen fiber structure in humans decreases. This causes sagging and wrinkling of the skin structure. Aesthetic and plastic surgery offers various ways to its patients in this respect.

    The skin consists of three layers. Epidermis, dermis and hypodermis form the skin structure. The first layer is the epidermis that surrounds the body against mechanical effects. The epidermis, also called the top layer, is a layer of non-living cells.

    The dermis layer under the epidermis is the area with living cells. This layer with many sensory receptors and blood vessels is known as the inner skin. Finally, the hypodermis layer is the area where the double chin liposuction process takes place. This layer is dense in terms of fat tissue. The accumulation process also takes place here.

    Double Chin Liposuction Surgery

    The doctor’s recommendations should be followed during the double chin liposuction procedure. Your fat mass ratio is calculated according to your physiological structure before surgery. The most suitable fat ratio for the individual is determined. After this process, the lipid layer under the chin is calculated from the fatty jowl area.

    Before the double chin liposuction surgery, scratches are made in the area where the fat layer to be taken is determined. Then, thin small incisions are made over these scratches during the operation. Thin cannulas are used to go down to the hypodermis layer. Cannulas are thin tubes used in medicine.

    If the area is excessively fatty, the cannulas pull the fatty tissue from the skin under the chin with the help of vacuum. If the fatty tissue in the environment is not in an excessive mass, the fat is separated into small particles with the help of a laser. After the jowl liposuction procedure, the area under the chin gains an aesthetic appearance. A younger and more vigorous appearance is the desire of every individual.

    Jowl Liposuction Recovery Process

    The double chin liposuction procedure takes a very short time. General anesthesia is applied during the procedure and the individual can perform normal activities comfortably after 10-12 days. Local anesthesia can also be applied.

    During the treatment, patients are applied to remove wrinkles in the neck area as well as the jowl, that is, the area under the chin. With the stretching process, you can cause a denser and younger tissue. Jowl liposuction can also be performed with the J Plasma method. This procedure is frequently used in aesthetic surgery due to its reliability and ease.