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Health Tourism

Health Tourism

Health tourism refers to all activities planned and carried out for the purpose of treatment and health checks as well as other touristic activities. The most important aspect of these activities carried out through touristic facilities or health institutions is that they are carried out for health purposes. When we look at the different definitions of what health tourism is, it is called touristic activities that are carried out for the purpose of being healthy and continue for a temporary period of time. You do not only need to choose a health institution to be healthy or to stay healthy. In addition, natural resources are also alternatives that can be preferred for health tourism. Although thermal tourism can also be considered within the scope of health tourism, health tourism is much more comprehensive.

What are the Types of Health Tourism?

In recent years, health tourism has generally been carried out in hospitals and health centers. However, it should not be forgotten that even a clinic or a thermal hotel should be considered within the scope of health tourism. In this context, it is necessary to evaluate what kind of applications related to health tourism can be mentioned. Below you can find the options accepted as health tourism.

Medical Tourism

It is accepted as the health tourist traveling to another place and receiving health services here because the facilities in the place where he/she lives are not sufficient. Medical tourism is based on alternatives such as treatment or surgery.

Thermal Tourism

For those who want to heal thanks to the treatment opportunities offered by natural resources, it is possible to travel from one place to another. It is possible to achieve not only physical but also psychological healing.

Elderly and Disabled Tourism

It means that people with elderly or disabled status travel in order to be healthy. With the combination of trips and tours with health activities, it is possible to achieve better quality results. Health tourism is likely to be more meaningful thanks to the elderly and disabled people performing touristic activities.

Why is Health Tourism Preferred?

It is possible to find many reasons for the realization of touristic activities. For this reason, it will be necessary to take a look at why activities with a very unknown definition and scope, such as health tourism, are preferred. Here are the most important reasons for health tourism!

The Desire to Travel of People Who Do Not Have Adequate Technological Facilities Where They Live,
Unwillingness to wait for treatment due to long appointments,
Health Insurance Does Not Cover Treatment,
The desire to get away from the environment in order to get rid of bad habits,
Desire to be treated in a place other than where you live,
Desire for Treatment in the Location of Thermal Facilities,
In addition to the treatment, vacationing is among the most important desires.
You can take action immediately by taking into account these reasons and much more about health tourism.
Turkey is one of the most successful alternatives in this regard, while the developments in the field of health also manages to be remarkable.