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About Us

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health and Ministry of Culture and Tourism is a group A agency authorized to make international health tourism.

We carry out many studies in the field of health based on the importance of human health in sustaining life, increasing the quality of life and protecting them. We have been working non-stop for more than ten years on behalf of your health by revealing the importance of health awareness in the protection and development of health.

We bring you health services every day of the week and every hour of the day with our staff consisting of experts and experienced colleagues in the field. On the other hand, we continue to follow innovative approaches to understand and explain the importance of health in human life.

Our working areas cover all areas of plastic surgery and we touch your life with all the operations we perform. We work with multiple clinics and hospitals so that our patients are not limited to only one source. With these clinics and hospitals that continue the best work in their field, we grant our patients various selection rights.

Based on the concept of a healthy society, we provide healthcare services by expanding the regional framework and we deal with your health problems in 8 different languages. We work both at home and abroad as spokespersons for the importance and value of health not only regionally and nationally but also globally.

We offer you a wide range of aesthetic surgery services in the field of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic and Obesity Surgery, which is the branch of the surgical department, which is on the rise of the medical branch. In this field, where the redesigns realized by aesthetic surgery in body image come to the fore, we bring you to your wishes in a healthy way, regardless of gender.

We expand and improve our work by taking into account the increasing demands of people for plastic surgery. We solve all problems that arise congenitally or subsequently in the body image of the individual, and at the same time, we solve all problems that negatively affect the individual mentally, physically and socially by preventing the person’s life functions with surgical operations.

Aesthetic medicine consists of surgical or non-surgical operations aimed at making the body appearance more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. These operations are mainly arm and leg tummy tuck whole body liposuction obesity and nasal surgery (rhinoplasty), aesthetic breast surgery (lifting, augmentation and reduction), aesthetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), facial rejuvenation procedures (facelift, brow lift, neck lift and similar) and prominent ear hair transplantation dental treatments continue in many other areas, including common.

Based on the statement that health is not the absence of a disease, but the state of mental, physical and social well-being of the person, we continue our work on behalf of you to lead a healthy life and to protect your health while improving your health.